Scott D. Davis

composer & pianist


"Pianotarium's darker tone is a diversion from the professional pianist's more typical salves, though metal certainly informs his other compositions, as well. From heavy ostinatos to running of minor and diminished chords, Davis is a veritable "Dr. Hetfield and Mr. Tesh." A dyed-in-the-wool metalhead, he composes broad, melodic and highly cadential piano music--the kind that draws adjectival praise of the "sweeping" and "soul-stirring" variety." ~Sacramento News & Review


"his exuberance and originality are invigorating and his upbeat attitude contagious" ~New Age Reporter


"Scott D. Davis has by no means allowed for the rock guitar player in him to be thwarted. He adapted to the curveballs thrown at him and sometimes ran to catch the most unlikely fly balls that were certain to result in lost runs. He is winning the game, however, and playing by his own rules." ~Indie Times


"Tahoma: Reimagined is a must-have for any fans of Scott D. Davis' music whether you have the original recording or not. If you are new to his music, this album is essential." 

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